Electric Motors

We can supply a number of reputable brand single and three phase motors as well as air movement motors. We stock TECO, Monarch, Fasco and CMG common size motors. If we don’t have the motor you require in stock we can of course source motors from our quality suppliers.

Variable Speed Drives (VSD)

G & S Electrical can also supply TECO VSDs;
Single phase to three phase – FM50 IP66
Three phase to three phase – E510 Compact Vector Control Drive
The above VSDs are just some of the range we can supply


We stock a range of common size run and start capacitors but if we don’t have the one you’re looking for we can usually source them promptly.


We have a limited supply on hand of DAB, Bianco and Davey pumps but again we can source your requirements from our suppliers very quickly. We also stock Astral pool pumps but depending on your requirements we can order them in.


We can order in Genelite of Dunlite generators in any size you require. Contact our friendly staff for advice as to what size you may need.

G & S Electrical repairs electric motors, pumps and generators but if that repair becomes uneconomical we can always quote on a replacement unit.

For further information you can Contact G & S Electrical on 0266 213168.